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The Conservation for Economic Growth Coalition (CEGC) is comprised of prominent venture capitalists and founders of fast-growing entrepreneurial companies. We believe that America’s parks, monuments and protected public lands contribute to the vitality of our innovation economy.

Research has shown protected public lands contribute to economic growth. Our first-hand experience has shown that access to outdoor recreation for the recruits and employees of fast-growing high-tech and innovative companies – those who “work hard and play hard” -- is a key to productivity, creativity, competitive advantage and overall success of those companies, and economic growth across the country.  

Together, we call upon the Trump Administration and Congress to use their authority to protect America’s Great Outdoors, including protecting our clean air and water; reauthorizing and fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund; designating national parks and monuments; and conserving public lands that offer critical wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation as a means of creating new jobs and spurring economic growth.


Nancy Pfund, Co-Chair, DBL Partners;

Tom Baruch, Co-Chair, a founder of CMEA Ventures;

Kateri Callahan, President and CEO CMC Energy Services

Josh Christensen, Mercato Partners;

Tom Dinwoodie, founder of Sunpower Corp Systems;

Michael Eynon of RedSeal Networks;

Brad Feld, Foundry Group;

Robert Keith of Beartooth Capital;

Alex Laskey, Founder of Opower;

Jiong Ma of Braemar Energy Partners;

Susan Mason of Aligned Partners;

Laura Mather of Unitive, Inc. and Co-Founder of Silvertail Systems;

Mark Mendel formerly of Intellectual Ventures;

Reuben Munger, Managing Partner of Vision Ridge Partners, LLC;

Carol Realini, Serial Entrepreneur

Pete Rive, Founder of Solar City;

Rodney Robinson, TabaPay;

Jason Scott of Eko Asset Management Partners;

Paul Smith of Los Altos, CA, angel investor and former CEO; 

Mark Wan of Walden Ventures. 

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